Budgeting the management costs of a facility is never easy. There's so much to consider and monitor on a daily basis - from energy procurement costs, to the costs to repair facility equipment. It can all get quite convoluted and confusing.

Below, we've uploaded our Cleanly Costing Model for facility managers to use. Our model helps estimate indicative costs for the commercial cleaning of a facility, no matter how small or how large.

Feel free to use our tool to help you with your budgeting needs. Just let us know if you have any questions. We're always open to hearing your feedback.

Cleanly Costing Model (CCM)

To use the Cleanly Costing Model, input your facility information using the Google Sheet below. Please include as much info and detail as possible - this will help provide a more accurate cost estimate for the maintenance of your facility.

Information that can be supplied to the model are:

  1. Frequency of cleans per week
  2. For General Areas & the Kitchen(s):
    • Floor space and type in square meters
    • Number of kitchen utilities
    • Other kitchen tasks
  3. For Bathrooms:
    • Floor space and type in square meters
    • Bathroom utilities
  4. Other information:
    • Number of rubbish bins, elevators, glass panels
    • Area of walls that need spot cleaning (in square meters)
    • Areas that need basic dusting (in square meters)

Please note that any cost estimates provided by this model is indicative only. A further assessment of your site will be required before a formal quote can be supplied by Cleanly.

Input Information Here

Output From Model

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