As we've been working towards growing our company this year we've increasingly become more engaged with Consultants, Asset Managers, Property Managers, Facility Managers, Building Managers, Procurement Teams, and other parties who are involved in the tender process for larger cleaning contracts around Auckland.

This has all been a bit of a learning experience. While some of our senior staff have had experiences in tendering / procurement in other markets before, NZ's cleaning industry has it's own unique characteristics and differences.

We recently came across Jack Crutzen's presentation online (see here) about his thoughts on how we can make a cleaning tender and contract as successful as possible for all parties involved. It's a very important mission of ours to constantly be working towards enhancing our industry and improving the quality of competition in the market.

To share our thoughts on the cleaning procurement process, we find the following would go a long way in terms of creating better working relationships between clients and cleaning providers:

  1. Clearly stated short and long-term objectives by the Facility Manager (at the start of the procurement process) to outline key expectations of the service (i.e., critical success factors from the perspective of the Facility Manager)
  2. A robust approach to shortlist and filter out any unqualified providers - this needs to be an inclusive approach at start of the tender process, especially since there's high competition in the industry and new providers may offer more innovative solutions than incumbents, but as the tender progresses, a shorter list of suitable candidates that meets expectation levels should be identified (preferably 2-3 providers)
  3. A partnership model between the Cleaning Provider and Facility Manager, focused on addressing and solving any problems that might affect key outcomes of the contract
  4. Ongoing and regular engagement by both parties during the contract term, either digitally (e.g., online surveys, etc.) or in person (i.e., traditional approaches, site visits, etc.), or both
  5. Ongoing and regular reporting by the Cleaning Provider on key metrics (e.g., KPIs, Net Promoter Scores, etc.), and timely engagement / follow up regarding any feedback received by the Facility Manager

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