Stainless steel urinals should be completely banned, worldwide - they are both difficult to maintain, and can cause a lot of problems for property managers.

However, while they still exist though, we need to clean them. So, below, we've pulled together some handy tips for property owners, facility managers, or gym managers to help avoid any member complaints about strong odours, smells coming from their urinals or bathrooms.

Regular, daily maintenance is always the key for caring for most stainless steel urinals. Especially during the long, hot summer days where urine can build up and cause strong smells to creep into other areas of your facility. If you don't take care of the underlying issues right away, you can find yourself having to spend more time removing a lot of build up of unwanted substances to get it back to base standards.

Below are some handy tips to handle most of the common issues in facilities with stainless steel urinals:

  1. Regular maintenance of urinals is required at least daily - any unwanted wastes or substances on the surface needs to be removed on a daily basis so it doesn't build up and create more issues down the track
  2. Constantly flushing the urinal will not resolve any issues - it is more likely to cause further blockages in the plumbing or waste a whole lot of water
  3. Flushing bleach down the urinal is NOT a good idea - it causes white stains on the stainless steel surface, and you really need to use a disinfectant with a deodorizer (preferably spraying it on and letting it rest there for a few minutes) to really make any difference to it's cleanliness
  4. Don't scrub them down with a hard brush, but rather a soft brush pad such as a 3M Doodlebug - using a hard brush can cause scratches on the steel surface which can lead to grime and buildup seeping in which makes it more difficult to remove

Our recommendations to maintain stainless steel urinals is to:

  1. Regularly maintain by wiping down with the 3M Doodlebug on a daily basis - removing any unwanted build up
  2. Use a White Spirit (undiluted) to tackle any existing stains or build up - be careful when using Spirits as it is highly hazardous to health, and is flammable; masks and gloves when using is highly recommended
  3. Use a strong disinfectant / deodorizer, to be used separately to the White Spirit to clean the urinal on a daily basis and remove any odours and to make it sanitary - this should be sprayed on and left for a few minutes to work it's magic
  4. Do a more detailed and deeper clean on a weekly basis to ensure the urinal is completely clear of any uric deposit build up
  5. Ensure the plumbing and surrounding areas is also well maintained - e.g., no blockages in the pipes, all surrounding areas are properly sealed

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