Sometimes a really nasty looking accident can be cleaned really easily with household chemicals and equipment. Here's an example of when something nasty has an easy fix.

We had a call from an understandably worried customer who had somehow gotten white spray paint on her nice, polished, concrete office floor.

In this situation, you might be tempted to pick up a bottle of paint remover - but don't. A lot of concrete and wooden floors are treated with a special coating to protect them, and keep them clean and looking shiny. If our customer had used something like this, it would have stripped off all the glossy protective coating and she would have been in a lot more trouble.

The first rule is to ALWAYS test your cleaning product on an inconspicuous part of the floor before going crazy on it. We do the same thing - no two jobs are ever the same, and surprises pop up for even the most experienced cleaners.

Second, if you are using chemicals inside, always make sure there's enough ventilation and you use the right safety equipment. Even some household products can be dangerous if you're in a confined space or working near an open flame. If you're not sure, get someone to help.

In this case, and in a lot of cases with polished wood or concrete, the first product to try is Methylated Spirits. You can get this from the supermarket or hardware store, it dissolves in water so you can use it diluted, and it's generally quite safe to use and evaporates fully.

We tested this on a small area of the floor and there were no problems with the coating. The floor changed color slightly when it was wet, but as it dried, it went back to normal.

We tried a mix of Methylated Spirits and Water, but it wasn't really strong enough to get the paint off. We ended up using an abrasive pad on a mop handle (a scotch-brite dish scrubber would work just as well if you don't have one, or even a rag would probably do).

When you have all the paint off, you'll probably find that this area of the floor is suddenly much cleaner than the rest. To fix this, use some diluted Methylated spirits or a very mild detergent in water with a soft mop and mop the whole floor. Don't use too much liquid though, wring the mop out as much as you can. Too much water on a wooden floor will get soaked up by the wood and can cause it to swell up, and then you've got a much bigger problem.

If the Methylated Spirits don't work, feel free to get in touch with us and we'll see if we can help.

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