Offices are busy places. The more busy an office gets, the more messy the workplace and common areas get.

Workplaces that generally get the most foot traffic running through tend to be service-based companies. This is especially true for companies that service a wide range of clients or customers such as recruitment agencies, property agencies, or any sort of professional services firm.

Office managers, property managers and/or receptionists don't want to have to deal with the constant headache of chasing up their vendors to make sure key areas like the conference room, or the common area bathrooms are kept clean.

This is why, at Cleanly, we believe regular communication and dedicated managers on every job is necessary to take it off your plate. We work with your point of contact to ensure that all goes smoothly, and anything that needs taking care of, gets taken care of.

Unlike the traditional companies in our industry, we put our efforts into ensuring high customer satisfaction, an unrivaled level of customer service, and constant reassurance to our clients that we'll have their backs.

If you want to find out more, please feel free to contact us at any time. We're more than happy to talk about style and our fresh approach to cleaning up the customer service in the industry!