One of the most common issues that keep clients and customers out of a gym include: unpleasant odors, dirty equipment, unclean restrooms, dirty floors, lack of cleaning products to wipe equipment, spills/stains on the floor and carpet, and dusty surfaces. There are some simple approaches to keep your gym clean and fresh, to attract and retain your highly sought after members.

There are some of basic things that you can do to keep the gym clean:

  1. Unpleasant odors: Don’t only scrub toilets and gym equipment but also the floor and walls around them to kill any odor-causing bacteria, as well as any drains that might hold bacteria.
  2. Dirty equipment: Not everyone will spray their equipment after use. It’s important for staff or cleaners to also clean and sanitise equipment each day to ensure it stays clean and safe for your clients to use.
  3. Unclean restrooms: Apply disinfectant to toilets, sinks, urinals, countertops and other restroom surfaces. Fill all dispensers so they’re readily available for customers to use. Clean and disinfect all surfaces in the restrooms. Empty the trash, and sweep and mop the floor. Also clean the hair out of drains, and sanitise the showers regularly each day.
  4. Dirty floors: Place doormats inside and outside of all entrances to the gym. For non-carpeted flooring, use a broom to sweep dirt and dust before it collects too much. Mop up any spills or stick spots immediately, and be sure to caution wet floors with bright noticeable warning signs.
  5. Lack of cleaning products to wipe equipment: Supply paper towels and spray at multiple points throughout the gym so customers don’t need to go searching across the building to wipe their equipment after use. Also make sure to check them several times a day so that they’re fully stocked.
  6. Spills/stains on floor/carpet: Vacuum carpets frequently and use a stain removal solution for spot cleaning any visible stains and soils.
  7. Dusty surfaces: Dust from the top down, starting with the ceiling fans and high cabinets, surfaces or tall equipment. Use a duster with an extension handle, and dust in one direction around the room to avoid missing a spot.

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